Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a comprehensive approach used by everyone at DSU to evaluate and enhance processes, programs and services and to improve student learning. It is through CQI that we maximize institutional effectiveness and support the university's mission and strategic plan. CQI is best accomplished when decisions are data-driven and we each play an integral role in the process. Continuous Quality Improvement can be accomplished in many ways, from a small project, a Quality Circle, to larger, more complex projects that utilize the Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Decide (PIED) cycle to develop a solution.
The CQI Database is a searchable database that serves as a repository for all of the university’s quality improvement projects.

CQI Project Statistics

General CQI Project Stats

Completed: 139
Active: 34
Inactive: 4
Pinned: 105
Not Pinned: 72
Total projects: 177
Quality Circle: 132 (15 active, 114 completed)
PIED: 44 (19 active, 24 completed)

AQIP Project Category Breakdown

1. Helping Students Learn: 36
2. Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives: 14
3. Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs: 29
4. Valuing People: 12
5. Leading and Communicating: 24
6. Supporting Institutional Operations: 53
7. Measuring Effectiveness: 15
8. Planning Continuous Improvement: 8
9. Building Collaborative Relationships: 5

Project Creation

Project Editing